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busy busy busy, a picture is all today.


It’s been a month

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One month! Brilliant, didn’t think I’d stick with it for this long in all honest, one month of pictures and blogs done!

I’ve had a super busy weekend, I worked ten and a half hours on Saturday and yesterday I went to Ruby Tuesdays with the ex and we went to see Hereafter.

Food was superb, we literally stuffed ourselves and then Hereafter, which in all honest, after a fairly promising start was a load of nonsense bollocks that used the Boxing Day Tsunami and the London bombings to prove a point and featured the worst child actor of all time. Would not reccomend.

I don’t understand why they needed to use real life events to do that, all it does is add a shock value to the film, and it’s done in distaste, Eastwood made a proper turkey here, no idea how it got nominated for an oscar in anything, the imagery wasn’t even that good.

Good Sunday

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30. gross picture.

Well hello there, it’s been a busy weekend so I haven’t had as much time to invest into this blog as I would like, but I suppose that happens, I can’t put out a full on blog every day, but I will update everyday.

I don’t want to end up resenting having to write the blog, I enjoy doing it 95% of the time, but if I’m doing it in a rush I just don’t.

Normal service will be resumed from tomorrow.

long day is long.

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I am fucking tired tonight, so I’m just doing it and keeping the blog to it’s routine, it’s short but sharp and to the point.

To put it simply


The Wonder Years help me feel happiest than I have done in years.

This rant was inspired by 15 seconds ago

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Todays rant is about one thing. EMBARRASING FUCKING BODIES.

Seriously, this show is the worst, I understand some of the good they do, in terms of awareness, but the imagery is fucking insane, and half of the people on there must be fucking retarded.

1) I do not need to see a fucking rectal prolapse, I can get a fairly image of it being described, I do not, do not need to see this, what the fuck were they thinking, and what the fuck was that old bint thinking getting it seen to on television, AND LETTING IT BE FUCKING SHOWN.

2) It’s all well and good getting a good awareness of bowel cancer going, but again, you do not need to televise yourself wiping your own shit on a piece of paper, fuck off.

3) Dr Pixie whatever her name is, what a cunt, the blonde guy is good, but this pixie twat is a twat.

I’m in a good mood tonight, so i’m finding it hard to rant, but FUCK YOU EMBARRASING BODIES.

what happens in a call centre, doesn’t stay in a call centre

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Oh my word, I am tired. I shouldn’t be really, I’ve had a fairly good night sleep, my dogs deciding to wake me up was a bit annoying mind, but on the plus side, I managed to be awake for the postman coming and delivering my mp3 player, which in all honesty looks like a piece of shit, but considering I’ll only really be using it for the gym I’m not particularly bothered, I miss my Ipod touch, but needs must and I’d have been fucked if I had kept it, plus I’ll be going for an Iphone 4 soon, so it won’t be too long before I have it!

I’m due in at work at half two until nine, which is pretty annoying cause it means I’m restricted to what I can do in the day, but work has been pretty hilarious recently, mostly due to the sacking of  a certain sports presenter, customers have been phoning in to cancel their sky sports because he was sacked, it certainly brings out the lolz but it also lets me know which cretins I work with are actually raging sexists.

Seriously, no shame at all, we were in a meeting thing yesterday with quite possibly the prettiest girl I’ve seen at the call centre anyway, and yeah, this kid ruined his whole reputation in about a minute with a selection of phrases such as;

women shouldn’t be allowed to referee a mans sport

they can’t handle themselves

as if that’s bad enough, when told he was wrong by about three or four people, he still argued his case and dug himself into a deeper grave, stupid rugby cunt, proper typical rugby lad he was, I wish he’d fuck off.

Tell you what as well, the hygiene in the call centre is fucking disgusting, I went into the toilets yesterday, now we have two toilets each with five cubicles in, and you can guarantee whenever you go in, some fucking reprobate has left piss all over the seat, or in yesterdays case, a massive shit in the toilet, seriously, how hard is it to lift the seat and use the flush, seriously, I oughta fucking wipe their noses in it.

It’s not just the customers that are reprehensible cunts sometimes, a lot of the time it is most definitely the staff as well.

Results are appearing.

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day twenty sex.

Please for the love of all that is availiable ignore that picture, I finished work about an hour ago, got in twenty five minutes ago and have just made my tea, which was incredible by the way, I had Egg Tagliatelle in Carbonara Sauce with Prawns, so fucking tasty, especially after the microwave shepherds pie I had last night from Tesco, finest range apparently, fuck that! it was awful, thinking about it makes me want to be sick in my own face.

Anyway, I’ll be ranting about my workmate I give lifts to work on Friday, I’ve got some cracking stuff lined up here, it’ll be beautiful, but today belongs to How Not To Be A Fat Shit.

This week has gone alright to be honest, I’ve lost like 2lbs without applying myself too much, I bought myself an awesome set of electronic scales and I’ve got a neat little MP3 player on the way for when I’m in the gym! Food continues to be my downfall a bit though, I just love junk food way too much, but then again the Pasta I had tonight was absolutely sublime so I can’t really say that, losing weight is a plus though right? fucking right it is! stoked!

Anyway, todays question is about confidence, I’m feeling extremely self conscious about going to the gym, I’m hoping that the MP3 player will allow me to counteract that with something to concentrate on, but has anyone else got confidence issues, and if so how do you get around them?

Cheers ears